Do You Need a Permit When You Hire a Skip Bin?

If you're going to be placing a skip bin anywhere that is not your own property, chances are that you will need a permit from your local council. There might be insufficient space on your actual property, or it might be impossible for the bin hire company to safely place the bin on your property if the access points are too narrow. Applying for a permit is something that needs to be done as soon as you've decided to hire the bin. While the conditions of the permit will vary from region to region, there are a few key points that you need to consider.

The Processing Time

How long does it take your local council to issue the necessary permit? If it takes longer than expected, are you able to change the booking time with your preferred bin provider without incurring any additional fees? In some instances it can be advisable to obtain the permit for the necessary period before you actually book the bin. Some companies might allow you to reserve a bin without needing to pay for the entire amount upfront. This allows you to change the actual booking dates if a permit has not been issued in time. Many permits are only issued on a weekly basis (or part thereof).

The Location of the Bin

Check the area where you intend to place the bin. The council will generally require certain information about the precise location where the bin will be situated, as well as information about the size of your intended bin. You might be required to provide them with information about any adjacent driveways (even your own). They might also request the approximate width of the roadway that the bin will be placed next to. They will also need to know about any parking restrictions that are in effect for the location. This can complicate things.

Potential Complications

If the street outside your home has any parking or stopping restrictions (even temporary restrictions such as a clearway), the permit can be denied. You might wish to negotiate another convenient location, such as on a nature strip close to your home. If this becomes necessary, you will need to choose this location wisely. Remember that you will need to carry waste from your home to the bin's location, and this simply might not be feasible if the distance is too great. If there are any electrical transformers outside your home, you might also require permission from your local electricity provider. They will need to approve any restricted access for their personnel while the bin is placed in the location in question. Ask your local council if you are unsure.

It's vital that you apply for any necessary permits as early as possible when planning to hire a bin. Failure to do so can incur a fine, meaning that your skip bin hire can become a costly exercise.