Important Pointers To Know Before You Hire a Skip Bin

If you are contemplating a home renovation, small construction project or some other type of project that requires waste containers, you may be in the market to hire a skip bin. And while you probably know that skip bins come in different sizes, you may not be aware of some other important aspects of hiring a skip bin. So to help you out, here are some of the things you should know before you make your rental.

Know Where You Want the Skip Bin -- Unless you rent a mobile skip bin, or you hire a skip bin with a permit, you can't place the bin on a sidewalk or any public thoroughfare. That's why it's so important to know exactly where you want the skip bin placed, because once the delivery driver puts the skip bin down, it can't be moved again unless you call the company and ask for it to be moved, which will cost you more money. Mobile skip bins are a good alternative if you know that you need the bin moved to different locations to maximize the efficiency of your waste removal.

Decide If You Need Doors -- Standard skip bins are built exactly like normal waste containers that require you to dump trash by lifting it above the top of the bin. But you can also hire a skip bin that is equipped with doors, which can speed up your work, because the doors open downward and give you access to the interior of the bin. That can be very beneficial if you are using a wheelbarrow or a dolly to transport your waste from your work site to the skip bin. Skip bins with doors can make your dumping faster and more efficient, which can save you money, because you will be done with the bin in a shorter period of time.

Know What You Can Throw Into the Skip Bin -- It's important that you know exactly what the skip bin company allows you to throw into the container, because any waste that isn't sanctioned will incur a hefty fee. Most skip bin hire companies won't let you throw any type of liquid material into the container, and that includes oil, petrol, soft drinks, paints, paint thinner, pesticides, herbicides and solvents. You also can't throw any electronic equipment into a skip bin, or any vehicle parts such as a car battery, starter or engine. Most importantly, any items that contain asbestos are also prohibited.