Tips for Using Skip Bins to Get Your Home Cleaned Out

Most people wish they could clean and organise their home from top to bottom, but they often fail to do this simply because they don't know how to go through everything they own. They may hesitate to toss out items that could easily be reused or even recycled, or they may know that such a job will create too much rubbish to be put in their family's regular bins. This is where skip bins can be helpful; you can rent one or more bins and keep them for a weekend cleaning and in turn, get yourself more organised. Note a few tips on how to do this.

1. Get two bins

The reason that you want to get two and even more bins is that you can then separate items that can be recycled. When cleaning out the garage or basement or any area of your home, you might sort items that can be taken to a salvage yard or recycling centre, such as old appliances, old kitchen cabinets and other wood pieces, mirrors and other such glass and anything made of copper or other metals. Do some research on local recycling centres and note what items they take; you may be surprised to find out the different types of plastic and other materials they will accept. By getting more than one bin, you can have actual rubbish towed away but then also keep recyclable materials out of landfills.

2. Start small

If the idea of getting two bins and cleaning out an entire basement or attic frightens you, remember that you can rent small skip bins, some no larger than the size of a large trash can or small trailer, and start small. Tell yourself that you're going to clean the attic or garage just until that bin is full, and then be done for the day. This can keep you from being overwhelmed. You fill up the bin, have it taken away or haul it to a landfill and you aren't overworked. In the meantime, you've filled an entire bin with items you no longer need and open up space at home!

You can then rent another small skip bin the next month or the next weekend and do the same thing. Fill it up with rubbish, and then stop your cleaning and organising. If you work your way through the items in your home just one small skip bin at a time, you may be surprised at the work you get done without feeling overwhelmed.